“Jamie I will see you soon…”


No real update or anything, just wanted to post this tiny mostly-inked bit from something I started today as a way to unwind after work. It’s a really big piece and I don’t think it’ll fit on a scanner, so we’ll see what happens with showing it off when it’s eventually done. The idea started in my head on the subway, became a 45-second thumbnail that’s about 1.5″x 1″ in my sketchbook, and then went right onto a big piece of bristol board I had waiting for something.

I have been thinking a lot about LOVE AND ROCKETS recently, if that makes sense.

I’m enjoying being back drawing on a semi-regular basis, re-flexing those muscles. I recently re-discovered this old project, single-panel gag/editorial cartoons, which reminded me of how prolific I used to be writing AND drawing at one point in life.

Anyway, there’s more coming in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.


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