“I’m not invisible, I’m not invisible…”


So I got around to scanning and touching this up a little bit. It’s not for anyone or anything, just something I worked on last week because I felt like it. I like the way it came out digitally, the foreground stuff’s not great (I really feel like I rushed there), but overall I’m actually proud of it.

I was never really that interested in combining cartooning with my other big life influence (punk rock and hardcore) too much for some reason, although I don’t know why. My ‘zine work has been minimal at best and limited mostly to writing, I never drew fliers (though I didn’t really start drawing until I was “out of the scene” at one point or whatever), so doing this piece and working on something else with a friend of mine (possibly a zine/minicomic thing) has me definitely thinking about the ways that the two overlap.

In case you can’t tell, I overthink a lot.


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