“The Follower” is dead…long live The Follower…

Came in with a whimper, and going out with one too, apparently.

Again because I’m distracted with work on other stuff I missed posting that yesterday, the last chapter of THE FOLLOWER went up, ending a year and a half (more, almost two years if you add up pre-production) of work.

I’d like to say that I learned a lot while working on THE FOLLOWER, but to be honest the only things I learned were A) trying to get people to read serialized prose online, even for free, is hard, and B) maybe projects with little to no pre-planning aren’t such a great idea.

The whole thing is a spinoff of a short story I wrote one night, a little drunk, at the start of a frustrating period of my life. I decided to expand it on a lark, see how far I could go with no real plotting work or ideas. It has elements of several other projects thrown in there that sort of tie it into some of my other work (the hacker character of Pete appears in one or two of my BEN MILES short stories)….

Anyway, I’m rambling.

THE FOLLOWER is over, I might scratch together some kind of e-book version, we’ll see. WHERE YOU BELONG is my next big project, a comic. After that there are a few other things, like a novella and something else that will probably be illustrated.

I know a few people read THE FOLLOWER regularly, thanks for that.


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