Alive, Kicking, and now, WITH NEWS!

‘Sup guys. Long time.

I’m waist-deep in a few short stories and comics, plus bringing my serialized detective series BLACK INK back, but in the meantime (and between time!) I’ve put this together –

THE FOLLOWER, my serialized monthly spy series, is now available as a free e-book download. You can now get it via my Smashwords platform for a wide range of online reading platforms, from your phone to tabletop PC. It includes a cover from the awesome artist Lauren Denitzio, so if you’ve ever wanted to check out some of my work, here ya go.


Lyle Kinane is a freelance operator, a finder, an agent for hire. One of the best, a job-gone-bad over a package leaves him cut loose in New York City in the middle of his lifelong anxiety attack disorder at its worst and a headful of questions. But he’s determined to get back in the game and get his life back, no matter what.


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