Every goddamn day…

This blog post by Jamie Rubin is an interesting read, and since I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging more regularly (as I come into the home stretch on one or two things and hit peak efficiency on others), I figured I’d chime in.

A previous blog post by me has a few ongoing things I’m working on listed, mostly one or two short comics and stories and one long comic, with maybe another long comic in the very loose pre-production stages of “sketchbook doodles”. Most of my long comic work these days is scripting, so I’m not drawing a lot, mostly writing to be honest.

Rubin talks about making time to just get SOMETHING down, even if you can only dedicate a few minutes, half-hour tops. The important things are to A) not always assume you need to do it for a set amount of time a day, and B) not get tied to the idea of needing an idea situation. These two points are probably the things I’ve worked the hardest to get into my own head, feeling I needed a special place or a quiet place, that I needed to do it at least an hour or so (a lot of this crosses over with the fact that I used to freelance write/blog for a living, so there was a clear line between “work writing” and “for fun writing”).

Most of that was bullshit, now that I think back on it. Holy cow, how much goddamn time did I waste?

Where do I write?

  • In my home (at the makeshift office I have set up on a kitchenette breakfast nook table I work on)
  • At work (in my classrooms on downtime or office hours)
  • At my girlfriend’s place (while she reads or plays video games)
  • On the subway/bus (I use both physical notebooks & cloud writing platforms like Evernote, so I can use my cellphone to work)

I used to have this awesome office, with a drawing board, a desk, my lamp, natural sunlight, art and books up everywhere. I did a lot of work there, I did a ton of comics in that office for over a year, proofed my first book there. But at the same time, I wrote my first book in a coffee shop. One of my first attempt at writing long form comics? The kitchen table (that comic is lost to the world, but I always look back at all the work I did on it fondly). All those places worked just as well as the other. It was the regularity that drove the work, the ability to tell myself “Alright, I have a week off/a day to myself/a few hours/a month/a bit of time, let’s write.”

So yeah, as stupid as it sound, wanna write? Want to be able to write regularly and actually finish?

Just write.


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