Keep Your Head Up…

So this is almost done…


75 pages of written/thumbnailed comic, with about another 40 or so to go maybe. Then WHERE YOU BELONG, the comic I’ve been working on since last year in fits and starts, will start actually coming to life.

I know that that doesn’t seem like a lot, but so far this is the longest comic work I’ve done so far. I wrote a script for an OGN when I first got started but that was 100-odd pages of not-that-great (and recently re-discovered as I just moved) script that really should have been less, and we never got past four pages of art and lettering, so I don’t really count it. My previous comics work has all been shorts, strips, gags, editorials, straight art, and illustrated prose.

So yeah, here’s to finishing writing WHERE YOU BELONG this summer and and starting to pencil and ink pages in the fall, with something to show by late fall. I’m celebrating by having a productive day today at the day job, a commission, and working on another project for a bit (the e-book BREATHING GHOSTS) before I jump back to WYB.

Stay tuned, space cadets…


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