I ever show this off? Some early “WHERE YOU BELONG” stuff.

I was organizing files and pictures on my computer recently, and I came across these little gems. One’s an early proof-of-concept comic for WHERE YOU BELONG with an early version of Dom, and the other is my first rough cover design/chapter placeholder/ad for the comic, when it had a slightly different direction. The concept of “The Gallery” was an idea that I ended up parsing down immensely while writing, but was initially a big part of the main idea. What “The Gallery” was…will remain a secret  as we get more and more into the comic.

I was initially going to be doing monthly chunks of comic online with “covers” to each chunk, so I wanted to experiment with cover designs and looks. This was, I think, what I’d initially planned. The STRAY BULLETS/LOVE AND ROCKETS influence on it is pretty obvious.

Well, to me it is in the cover.

The first two pages are up now, don’t forget, with a new one up in two weeks (not this upcoming Monday, the one after).


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