The mystery…or whatever it is…continues over at “SAVE CHANGES”

Occurred to me that I haven’t been reminding enough people about SAVE CHANGES, my serialized mystery novella. You keeping up? You should catch up, because there be mysteries, annoying cats, and annoying weirdos from back in the day;

The cat was trying to bypass the toy and nipped at my hand, making me almost drop my beer. She’d started this once I’d finally changed the litter in the letterbox. Her move from shitting on the floor to constantly trying to bite had me convinced that she was somehow punishment from my mother for something I had done as a small and stupid child. 

Brooks still hadn’t gotten back to me about that weird yelling phone call from the guy trying to be a client, so when the phone rang i snatched it up I was a little disappointed to see it was a number I didn’t recognize. While I was swiping the touchscreen the cat got into my feet and she got a good chomp through my socks.


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