Updates, updates, updates

There is a new page of of WHERE YOU BELONG, with a guest “appearance” by Moni Bolis, cartoonist and WYB super-fan, graciously allowing me to use her Twitter handle in a panel.

Last week, SAVE CHANGES updated with a new chapter.

There was also a new page of my comic ELKHEART in the last email newsletter (I’ve added that page to the archive Tumblr site for that comic as of this weekend for non-newsletter people).

And with all those going out into the ether…that’s it. That’s the last of my pre-done backlog/queue of work to post and publish, I am officially tapped out.

So what does this mean?

Well, it means things are on a short break until I can catch up with work. WHERE YOU BELONG is on a break until I get time to work on pages again, SAVE CHANGES is on a break until I get a few more chapters done, and ELKHEART is on a little break as well until I do some pages there as well. The fall semester is almost over, it’s been a busy school year so far and it’s eaten up a lot of time. Writing is easy time-wise to get to, an hour or 45 minutes here and there every day, some at home, some at work, but drawing pages is a little difficult. I have to work at home and dedicate a few hours’ worth to it, and I just don’t have that time at home to spare right now.

In the meantime, I’m working on some short prose to shop around (I should have an update on some of that in the next week or so!), more blog posts and essays for here and for the newsletter, I’ve done a little work on some ELKHEART pages, and WHERE YOU BELONG is mostly 2/3 already scripted and thumbnailed, so it’s just a matter of doing actual pages of art and lettering (semi-sarcastic there, I know). I’m also dredging up some older work to re-share in a time capsule sense, so there’s plenty of stuff to get outta me and to wait for.


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