Threw myself together, threw this together

So I managed to get some time this past week to write, and I worked on and posted the latest SAVE CHANGES chapter. Hope you enjoy it.

There was a pause. “How do you know her?” Sara’s tone had changed, a little on the defensive, but at the same time I could tell she was interested. I filled her in on the basics, and after another pause, she sighed. “Yeah, whatever. So, I sorta knew her? It was before you came around mostly, like we were always at shows, and I know that Terry and Anita knew her in school.”

I could hear Sara on the other end moving around. “Hold on, gotta refresh.” I took it as an opportunity to start shoveling my own food in my face with one free hand, the other holding my phone still. If there was one thing I refused to do with my phone was get some hands-free nonsense. I guess I liked the idea of being able to broadcast that I was on the phone and not just an idiot with headphones.


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