Nightmare Windows

So I wrote a game. It’s called “Out The Window.”


Nightmare Party games is more or less an informal “umbrella name,” but acts more like the overarching project name for this, and it’s something interesting. The limited amount of coding is what I like, considering I barely know any HTML. I found a fascinating piece in the New York Times magazine online (linked from a piece at Slate) about the “return” of text-based gaming,

One of the downsides to Twine, the platform/program that this runs on, is that if you’re going right off the browser, once you clear your browser you’ll lose the game. Eventually, “Out The Window” will disappear, but it’s mostly a test, an experiment. There’ll be more Nightmare Party games through Twine, it’s an interesting way to play with writing fiction, interactive fiction, and old text-based exploring and adventure games.

I guess stay tuned, and get those old horror- and fantasy-based text adventure gaming skills sharp and ready.


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