The Art Collab

I wrote a little bit about how I got into writing and why I write for the “Professor’s Corner” segment of the Monroe Art Collaborative, the fledgling writing/art club we’re trying to get going at one of the colleges I teach at.

I’m an adjunct faculty member at Monroe College, and this collaborative/club is something I thought about getting going as part of an effort to get .

It’s hard. When I freelanced in college I made very little money doing it, and nowadays, there’s even less money in it. Too often I worked for recommendations, for copies of the magazines I appeared in, for copies of records or books I reviewed. Once I got paid in comic books, and another time an editor dropped me from a publication for questioning why we were being cut to less than minimum wage, again.

You should check the whole thing out (it’s also on Facebook), we’re trying to get the students writing and publishing and getting their work out there (as well as slowly getting writing workshopping, learning about the submission process, and editing basics going on). I’m excited to see where it goes and what students get out of it.


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