Drums Rolling, Sounding In the Distance

DRUMS_CoverSo I wrote a long-ish story with my old standby, the okay-ish private eye Ben Miles, based on a story that my dad’s brother told I’m not entirely sure is true, but I like the uncertainty of it. I put it into a little free package with a  cover and everything to read digitally on your computers or devices. It’s called Drums; A Ben Miles Story.

Let me know what you think, it felt like an interesting exercise going back to do a Ben Miles story about my old hangouts and my old neighborhood that are all renamed because my memory is shit. It’s kinda rough, but most Ben Miles cases are, because, as I like to imagine and constantly say, he’s not necessarily any good at his job.

There’s more coming from me in terms of short-but-cool self-published stuff, so see you weirdos around.


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