Free Stuff

I’m a writer of stuff, and I do a free monthly short fiction feed with the highly-original name of THE MONTHLIES.




I used to be a cartoonist, drawing and lettering and inking the comics I wrote. Here are most of them, all free.



A weekly family-friendly strip about a single dad, his daughter, his mother, and their dog, somehow managing not to burn the house down every day.

The Adventures of Ian Quarry 

A pulp webzine/webcomic project ith artist Stephen Garza, it details the various maybe-true adventures of supernatural adventurer Sir Ian Quarry.

The Pen & Marker Brigade

Editorial and gag humor single-panel cartoons.

Mayhem & Cuddles 

Semi-autobiographical slice-of-life comics about a and taking place during a previous relationship. My longest-running comic.

Let Sleeping Dogs 

Single-panel dog joke comics.


Basically my rip-off of “Calvin and Hobbes,” about a smart-aleck kid named Waffles and gradually, the rest of his family like his baby sister, clueless dad, and long-suffering mother.

Salad Days 

A rock ‘n roll strip about why being in a band is awful, especially a fledgling three-piece with a megalomaniacal frontman.