“BBQ Rex” archive

This is an archive of a webcomic experiment I was doing at one point called BBQ Rex, a NSFW one- to two-panel joke panel featuring a crude T-Rex at a grill.  The original site for the comic is out there, but it’s very basic and not very good.  I created this page because I wanted to archive the strips somewhere on this site. Here’s the original ABOUT description, as well as the comic itself.

BBQ Rex is all about good times. 

BBQ Rex is all about chillaxin’ with a burger fresh off the grill and a cool brewsky.

BBQ Rex is probably indifferent to anything other than a good time, which is why he thinks it’s no big deal to call your children stupid, your wife an annoying cow, and insinuate that you look fat or could go for a “special good time happy release massage”.

BBQ Rex is totally awesome.