WYB_header 3 copyWHERE YOU BELONG – “Domenica ‘Dom’ Garcia is a writer for out-there culture STAYSICK magazine[…]When she witness something awful but thought-provoking on the subway one morning, it leads her down a rabbit hole…”(follow along here!)


WORKING TITLE – Rambling noir-ish shorts, vaguely interconnected, an exercise in storytelling and cartooning. Who knows where it’s going or what happens? Follow here on my site or at the comic’s Tumblr.


SNOW DRIFTS – A short, somewhat abstract horror- and fantasy-influenced comic where I played around with a few things. You can see it here.


THE LOCKED ROOMMore an illustrated prose short than a comic…a man slowly loses his mind in a dirty hotel room. Or does he?


THE DOOM ON THE MOORS – A supernatural horror comic one-shot, w/art by Stephen Garza & lettering by Brian Daniel. Words by me. Supernatural detective Sir Ian Quarry tackles the Cauterton-Hudsley Estate Murder. Old-school EC-inspired horror. Check it out here!


OVERWHELMED – A single dad, his daughter, an adventurous and overeager grandmother moving back in to help, and a dog named Bug. What could possibly go wrong? Overwhelmed ran weekly between 2011 and 2012, inspired by actually really loving newspaper comic strips. There’s an archive available here.


THE DOOM PYRAMID – A little short I did based on my love of the ALIEN film franchise. You can check it out here.


THE NULLSPACEA parody of dark and brooding types of comics, as well as an homage to hyperkintetic/hypernuts comics of the 90’s I loved like SCUD The Disposable Assassin and The Tick, a short 3-page story based on a sketchbook creation I did for my one-man anthology AWESOME TALES!, issue 2. Check it out here.


OLD DOGSNever titled, this was another AWESOME TALES! short I did that I really liked, I can’t remember if it’s issue 1 or 2. Probably from the height of my Alex Toth phase. A noir-ish little short two-pager my notes have labeled as “Old Dogs.” I really enjoyed doing it, and even though a colored version I did floats around my site or my Tumblr periodically, this is the original B&W version. Check it out.


THE PEN & MARKER BRIGADE – One-panel editorial and humor comics that ran online semi-regularly throughout 2011. A Tumblr blog/archive of all the comics is available here.


MAYHEM & CUDDLES My first comic. A slice-of-life weekly comic about romance, domestic life, dogs, coffee, moving, and high-grade explosives. Ran somewhat regularly from 2009 to 2011. There’s an archive available here.