Misc. Writing

“Hit The Till” @ MONDAYS ARE MURDER from Akashic Books; The NY-based publisher of some amazing stuff (like the work of Joe Meno and the Noir short story collection series) published my short crime story alongside other great stories in the weekly web fiction series.

The Alexandria Archive; I was really excited to have my short story “Labyrinth” be performed in episode 8 of the horror fiction podcast The Alexandra Archive. The show is referred to as “the South’s answer to Miskatonic,” a pretty decent description.

“Keep You Warm” in THE WORST: A COMPILATION ZINE ON GRIEF AND LOSS (issue 1); A short story for an indie punk ‘zine about mourning, grief, and loss.

Lydia Lunch’s Paradoxia; A Predator’s Diary @ RAZORCAKE Magazine; I got a chance to write essays and reviews for the seminal punk magazine Razorcake, including this review of punk icon Lydia Lunch’s autobiobraphy.

“College Community, Not Just Community College” @ Shareable.Net; A short piece about the place and role that smaller community colleges can have in a growing and active community.

“My Anime Weekend” @ Medium.com; I wrote about my weekend at the last time the anime convention Otakon was held in Baltimore, MD, a weird experience and series of thoughts on fandom, subculture, and my own place in it compared to others.

On the passing of author Tom Clancy @ Medium.com; An appreciation of the writer when he passed. I was saddened to hear about the passing of author Tom Clancy, a writer who had a huge part in my and my family’s reading habits.

“‘We Can Do Better. We Should Do Better.’ @ I Live Sweat.Com; I wrote about wanting to maintain some type of standards when it comes to do-it-yourself punk publishing culture for Andy Waterfield’s now-defunct webzine.

“The ‘Action Philosophers’ As An Educational Model” @ THE COMIC BOOK AS THE IDEAL IN STORYTELLING; An attempt at putting into words my feelings and thoughts about using comic books as educational tools, with Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey’s work as a specific example.

Professor’s Corner” featuring Constantine Koutsoutis @ The Monroe Art Collaborative; I helped get a writing/art collective going at one of the colleges I teach at, and contributed this short essay about why I write and what inspires me.

“On Essex County” & Canada Reads @ Fistfight At The Arthouse.Com; I wrote about the controversy at the time surrounding Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel being included in the 2011 “Canada Reads” initiative and voting, whether a comic book could be considered literature.

Team Cul De Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson’s – I was honored to be a small contributor of writing and comics to this project, creating a fundraising artbook to raise money for Parkinson’s research in the name of  renowned Cul De Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson.

“Writing Workshop, Morning Shift, Friday” @ The Drabble; I don’t do a lot of poetry but this is some of it, in the micro-fiction publication The Drabble.

Nightmare Party; Nightmare Party Games is me messing around with Twine, a free tool for creating online text-based RPG/adventure games. You can check out chapter 1 of my game “Pioneers,” as well as the short game “Waukegan” and puzzle “Out The Window” on there now.

DRUMS; A Ben Miles Story; A long-ish short private eye short story, a free e-book exclusive download.

“The Iron Space”; An experimental prose piece.

“The Perfect Color”; A short horror story with spot illustration by me.

“The Woods”; Seemingly a random crime story, but more of a horror story.

“Sky Dance”; A short story exclusive for my website, a little weird horror.