“Hit The Till” @ MONDAYS ARE MURDER from Akashic Books; The NY-based publisher of some amazing stuff (like the work of Joe Meno and the Noir short story collection series) published my short crime story, which I’m incredibly excited about and feel very grateful to be included in alongside other great stories in the weekly web fiction series.

The Alexandria Archive; I was really excited to have my short story “Labyrinth” be performed in episode 8 of the horror fiction podcast The Alexandra Archive. The show is hosted by “Morning Wood,” college radio DJ from the ominous Alexandria University, “the South’s answer to Miskatonic,” which is a pretty decent description.

– “Sky Dance”; A short story exclusive for my website, a little weird horror.

– Team Cul De Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson’s – I was honored to be a small contributor to this project, creating a fundraising artbook to raise money for Parkinson’s research in the name of  renowned Cul De Sac cartoonist Richard Thompson.

“Writing Workshop, Morning Shift, Friday” @ The Drabble; Poetry.

 Nightmare Party; Nightmare Party Games is me just messing around with Twine, a free tool for creating online text-based RPG/adventure games. You can check out chapter 1 of my game “Pioneers,” as well as the short game “Waukegan” and puzzle “Out The Window” on there now.

“The Iron Space”; An experimental prose piece.

“The Perfect Color”; A short horror story with spot illustration by me.

“The Woods”; Seemingly a random crime story, but more of a horror story.

“Keep You Warm” in THE WORST: A COMPILATION ZINE ON GRIEF AND LOSS (issue 1); A short story for an indie punk ‘zine.