Serialized Fiction

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Save Changes

Proofreader and researcher-for-hire Lee Kaporis put on a shirt that wasn’t his…and it sends him around looking for a girl with a nose ring that probably doesn’t want to be found. There’s more to the story than returning a piece of jewelry she may or may not have pawned though, and he might have gotten in over his head. 

666Black Ink; A Serialized Mystery Starring Ben Miles, P.I.

“Manta Publishing hires black sheep PI/bondsman Ben Miles for a seemingly-simple job, tracking down a missing piece of art in the estate of deceased famous cartoonist, Kirby Hale. In and out, Ben figures it’s an easy paycheck, one he needs. But nothing’s ever simple for a case Ben takes on, and it’s more than likely he’s gonna end up getting punched in the face over some comics…” (ON HIATUS)

555The Follower; An Espionage Mystery Told In Installments

“A freelance operative/courier gets cut off from his handlers after a simple job goes haywire. Without any contacts and alone in New York City except for a few friends who have no idea what he really does for a living, Lyle Kinane hangs onto the only insurance he has…A copy of the package from that fatal job.”


The Monthlies; A Monthly Short Story Feed

One-off short stories. (ON HIATUS)