Start it off with a bang

This is Penny Pooper. She’s the newest addition to our family.

Tess and I are kicking off 2011 taking Penny into our home, adopting her from the Franklin County Animal Shelter.

It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and we felt like it was the right time to bring a new constantly-eating and pooping life into our growing household. She’s a shy mixed-breed puppy who likes her stuffed goose, is scared of the stairs, and is the color of hot cocoa. She’s stubborn about eating but is otherwise not that bad when it comes to behavior.  Hopefully, she’s not going to end up being jealous of Petrie. Other than that, she’s pretty perfect.

I’m sure there’ll be some more needlessly cutesy blog posts about her in the near future. There will also be some more comics and writing as the new year gets rolling, so stay tuned sportsfans.