You can find samples of some of my best stuff here, and a complete list of my writing projects below.


Fistfight At The Arthouse – I talk about comic books, independent music and music culture, nerd and pop culture, do music reviews, comic book reviews, interviews, and other stuff like that.

Shareable.Net – A nonprofit that’s working to showcase people tackling community-building and sharing/DIY economies.  I blog here about community culture.

Eat The Funny Pages – A collection of interviews from cartoonists and comic writers about the craft, quotes from legendary cartoonists, and writings about comics.

The Comic Book as the Ideal in Storytelling – An academic project where you can find my essays on the art and theory of comics. It’s me applying my academic background to my love of the comic format.



Late Night Wallflower – For a long time I was honored to be a member of the Late Night Wallflower crew, talking about independent music and the music industry.

All Hail Imminent Destruction! – An “internet notebook” that was mostly just musings and essays related to science & science fiction topics, from the perspective of a non-science minded fan of the sci-fi genre.

Brightfuse – A social networking branch of CareerBuilder.com, I had a column here a few times a week talking about freelancing, social media, and Web 2.0. I really enjoyed it. The site is gone &replaced with Careerbuilder’s THE WORK BUZZ, but copies of my columns are available on request.

Chomping On Dandelions – A music news site that covered various news regarding punk/metal/indie/hardcore/etc bands. It covered independent music news, tour dates, stuff like that.

“Razorcake– I’ve contributed to the well-known independent punk rock/punk culture publication a few times, and it was a pleasure & privilege every time. Some of my contributions have appeared in print, but they’re also online if you search my name through their archives.

Shockya.com – Daily entertainment news writing and reporting.

Examiner.Com – Me talking and reporting interesting comic book news and commentary, mostly centered around local stuff in the state of Ohio.



I Live Sweat – I was fortunate enough recently to write about the state of alt-culture journalism for this cool webzine. I guess this means I’ve been published in the UK.

“ology” – A literary and art publication I contributed to and helped edit and put together in college.  It’s a mixture of critical works, fiction, art, and photography.

“The Worst” – A ‘zine that I contributed a fictional story to and felt very strongly about.  “The Worst” was about alternatives to dealing with death and grieving, aimed at underground communities who found conventional means and structures to not be enough.  Contributing to this was really cathartic and one of my favorite works to date.

Issue Oriented – I was a one-time contributor to the blog of this very awesome podcast, talking about two of my favorite things, music and comic books.